College Planning

You can help make college more affordable for your children, grandchildren, nieces, nephews, etc. Enroll them ASAP in Tuition Rewards® from SAGE Scholars, the nation's largest Private College discount program. This is a great way to help your family save on college costs.

Enrollment in SAGE Tuition Rewards® is Easy: You fill out a form to set up your account. Next, you receive an email from Tuition Rewards®. When you click on the link in the email and supply a user name and password, your account is “activated” -- and you receive a 500-point Enrollment Bonus for each student whom you enroll. Students must be family members (children, stepchildren, grandchildren, nieces, nephews, grandnieces, etc.). The enrollment deadline is Aug. 31 of the year that Junior year begins, so seniors in high school are not don't wait!

About SAGE Scholars Tuition Rewards®

College Planning Services is an outside business entity of 1st Financial Investments, Inc. and is not affiliated with or endorsed by the Department of Education or any U.S. Governmental agency and does not offer legal or tax advice. You should consult with an attorney or tax professional for legal and tax advisory services.

SAGE Tuition Rewards® Points may be redeemed for discounts on undergraduate tuition at participating 4-year private colleges & universities, beginning with the freshman year and are remitted solely as a reduction to the participating college's full tuition bill -- not awarded in cash. Points must be submitted at time of application. Students must be registered by Aug. 31st of the year that 11th grade begins- seniors in high school are not eligible. Tuition Rewards® Points represent a “guaranteed minimum scholarship.” Colleges reserve the right to use Tuition Rewards® as part of, or separate from, any financial aid package.

Earn FREE College Scholarships!

Earn FREE College Scholarships!

For parents like you, sending your child to College represents one of the largest Financial commitments you will make in your life-time. Our primary focus is to help you to better understand the College funding process in an effort to help you to MAXIMIZE your child's FINANCIAL AID.

You can receive a unique benefit for working with us: SAGE Tuition Rewards® College Scholarships!

By working with us, you can earn discounts on College tuition at an expanding “network” of over 385 Private Colleges & Universities across the country with SAGE Tuition Rewards®!

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